Todd Pate

A singer-songwriter from Texas, living in Los Angeles. HIs music is well-lived and always honest.


Todd Pate is singer-songwriter living in LA, though his Texas roots run deep under his well lived, and always honest, music. With a raw and simple and soundscape and lyrics that never waiver from his intent, he searches for the straightest road through the very complex human condition. While echoing Townes Van Zandt, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, even drifting into thegreat country tone of The Rolling Stones in the late 60s and early 70s, Todd remains thoroughly grounded in today. 

The first song Todd remembers hearing was Willie Nelson's hit, On The Road Again, in 1980. His first memories are steeped the rowdy, funky sound of the famous Outlaw Movement. The radio was always on when he was growing, and Todd was always listening.

And watching. When Todd saw Kris Kristofferson on a TV show when he was very little and thought to himself, "that, that is what I want to be." But he became a baseball player instead, then an actor, a playwright, a horse wrangler, carpenter, lackey for a low rent hustler in Chicago, a day laborer with a distant memory of a college education, even a frequenter of cross-country rides on Greyhound buses. But Todd played his guitar and wrote songs all along the way. Now he's only focused on music. He's played in many of the coffee shops and bars in Hollywood, and toured the bars along the West Coast, across the Southwest and all the way through Texas.



Photographer: Julie Orr